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Our Team

James Cormick

Interview Consultant

Maja Hoare

HR Manager

Dr Kerem Bayraktaroglu

Educational Consultant



Arin Bayraktaroglu was one of the Directors of The Cambridge Centre for Languages for 25 years (1982-2007).  Prior to this she was a Lector at the University of Cambridge where she returned to work as a Visiting Scholar from 1994 to 1997. She has published extensively in the area of sociolinguistics and is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Linguists.  She is also a member of Combination Room of Lucy Cavendish College, University of Cambridge.  Bayraktaroglu has recently completed a Study UK course run by the British Council for Education Counsellors.


James Cormick is a teacher with many years of experience both in the UK and abroad.  His first degree was in Ancient & Modern Literature (English and Latin) from Trinity College Dublin.  And after that, at intervals in his teaching career, he acquired an MA in Applied Linguistics from the University of Essex, an MPhil in Theoretical Linguistics and an MLitt in Historical Linguistics from the University of Cambridge.

After an initial period of two years teaching English at a secondary school in London he started his career as a teacher of English as a Foreign Language abroad.  He spent approximately 20 years teaching, lecturing, and developing curricula in schools, universities, and ministries of education in the Arab world, Poland, and Afghanistan. Since returning to the UK in 1986 he has taught in various language schools in Cambridge and has been employed as Custodian of the Ancient India & Iran Trust, an academic charity with close ties to the University of Cambridge, that fosters an interest in the archaeology and ancient languages of Central and Southern Asia.


Kerem Bayraktaroglu has an LLB degree in Law (Buckingham University), an MA degree in Communication Studies (Leeds University) and a PhD in English (Exeter University). After working in the United States for 4 years he returned to the UK and obtained a TESOL certificate qualifying as a teacher of English and subsequently working, from 2002 to 2007, at The Cambridge Centre for Languages as a Co-Director.  



Maja Miljkovic Hoare is an academic, lecturer and Human Resources consultant with experience in co-ordinating and managing different education projects.  She has a longstanding career in the EFL industry. Presently she acts as Manager of the online training courses for The Cambridge School of English. Ms Hoare covered different career paths ranging from strictly academic to management in English language schools. She also worked for the University of Cambridge, Centre of International Studies, History Department and Robinson College, as a lecturer and a committee member. She has published academic work in her career.



David Ball has taught Modern Foreign Languages at secondary school level in the UK and English for Speakers of Other Languages at secondary and university level in Austria in a teaching career of over 40 years. While in Austria he also led teacher training courses for Austrian secondary school teachers on behalf of the British Council. He has been a part-time examiner and items writer for Cambridge Assessment for 29 years. 



Valerie Bevan has been in charge of the Department of English as an Additional Language at St Mary’s School Cambridge for more than a decade. She has also taught English to speakers of other languages at universities in Germany and Austria, for the British Council in Germany, and at language schools in Cambridge. Her first degrees, in English, were from the University of Western Australia and Cambridge; she did her Masters degree in Applied Linguistics in Edinburgh.



Naz Yeni has been teaching since 1998. After completing her DELTA at King’s College London, she did her MA research in Applied Linguistics on 'the role of language in presenting social reality and the interpretation of discourse’. Her MEd thesis at Cambridge University was a case study on ‘the experiences of year 10 drama students during the teaching of a set text from a multimodal perspective’. Her current research is for her PhD thesis and it is on the stylistic analysis of theatrical performances. Naz has taught in a number of language schools in Cambridge, UK and also worked as the Academic Coordinator (assistant director of studies) at Eurocentres Cambridge. At present, she is lecturing at Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge.


Educated at the universities of Cambridge, Brunel, Leicester and Bradford in languages, pedagogy, creative writing and international management, Mr Lane has spent more than 15 years as a teacher in seven countries across two continents as well as 15 years as a researcher on global, regional and national issues. He also has experience of school management across two continents. His private language school experience includes interviewing for teachers and senior management, teacher training and demonstration lessons as well as British Council approved curriculum design and classroom teaching.  In recent years, Mr Lane has focused on the importance of 21st century skills and advocated their development in the EFL classroom.

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